NEW Concrete Entry and Sidewalks Added

Re-Finish Flooring in Main Hall Oct 2018 

"Well once again thanks to all the members, supporters and volunteers at the Ellinger CofC-Hall we have another new project underway. We are having the roughly ...7,000 square feet of dancing and dining area in the main hall re-finished and as always, we will NOT be raising any rental or event rates. It’s YOUR hard work , donations and money that are getting us to these goals and we are not going to thank you by raising the cost of rental rates!! Just simply thank all of you for supporting your Community Center!!!," president Michael P. Schlabach 10/31/18

Ellinger Chamber of Commerce

Outside BBQ Cooking Pavallion Oct 2018 

Updates Nov 2018 

Ceiling in Kitchen & Dining Hall and Back Wall in Main Hall 

4 New Handicapped Parking Spaces

Hallway Renovations 

Kitchen Updates Jan/Feb 2018 

THANK YOU for your support and participation in the Ellinger Community Center!

Throughout the year there are many events and fundraisers and we would like to show you where your money is spent.

Recently we have put funds towards a complete Kitchen remodel. This includes air conditioning/heating, insulation, double door refrigerator, kitchen island restoration, stainless steel sinks and tables in kitchen, outside cooking and bbq areas, new flooring, walls, plumbing, paint and LED lighting throughout.

We are an all VOLUNTEER association. 100% of all funds raised goes towards the restoration of the 1935 school/hall, community improvements and local scholarships. THANK YOU again for your support!